Daniel had severe Learning disabilities, ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, Epilepsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and many other physical health issues. If you were lucky enough to have met Daniel you would think how did this lad go on and why was he so happy. We wondered this every day but he is and will forever be our ray of sunshine -he was forever smiling. Daniel, as a small child had to have his heart repaired and then had to wear a stocking all the time on his right leg as he had Klippel Trenaunay. Daniel had many difficult times in his life being diagnosed with many other health issues. He amazed us as a family every day with his happiness.

His sister Charlene said “ he was my friend I want his legacy to go on” Daniel was one popular and amazing young man. Sadly Daniel Rolfe passed away at the age of 21 years old in March 2017. Daniel had many hurdles to get though in the 21 years of his life but them hurdles never stopped him smiling or fundraising. He was a true credit to us and all he wanted to do in life was make everyone smile and be happy.

We as a family want Daniel's legacy to continue. We have set up Forever Smiling to continue fundraising in his memory. We want to raise money so we can help the local charities that were close to Daniel Heart.