February 2020 07
Happy 24th Birthday Daniel
Posted By : Charlene Duplock

Happy 24th Birthday Daniel. Today your Mum, Dad, Sissy and Nephew came to see you and then went onto the Vyne Trust Property for your favourite Tea and Cake! Thank you all for your lovely

November 2019 10
Daniel Sign!
Posted By : Charlene Duplock

Have you been to our Car Boot Yet? 2nd and Last Sunday of the month 12:00-16:00 at the Sycamore Centre. If Yes you would of seen our sign. If not come down to Daniel Tea

October 2019 01
Daniel Golden Heart!
Posted By : Charlene Duplock

Some of our Trustees have gone to see Daniel Golden Heart which hangs Pride of place in the Wessex Heart Beat House. Only the best Heart for our Golden Boy Daniel. Please check out their

June 2019 05
Forever Smiling took Gap Bowling
Posted By : Charlene Duplock

On Saturday 18th May Forever Smiling took 19 Gap members and volunteers to the Hollywood Bowl in Basingstoke. Forever Smiling had to make it the best night ever and booked 3 of 4 VIP Lanes