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Charlene and Jeanette are in the 280 Club!

What is 280 Club? 

The Heart is the most important muscle in the human body. It works 24 hours a day. It keeps us alive by pumping oxygen rich blood to the whole body. The 280 club represents the 280ml of blood that all 4 chambers of a normal heart holds, as well as the 280 litres of blood that the heart pumps per hour.

Charlene and Jeanette not only raised £280 once but in fact twice rasing a total of £560 to Wessex Heart Beat House and now are part of the 280 Club.

Charlene wants to say a massive thank you to her mum Jeanette as she was the biggest part of this fund raising by making all the items to sale to go towards the charity Charlene just advertised. A massive thank you to those who supported and donated towards this as Charlene and Jeanette completed this way ahead of schedule.